Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Horse Racing

*Beginners tools for Horse betting:

Horse racing is a sport that is still enjoyed by many. There are some things a person show really know ahead of time of they plan to bet on horse races. There are many manual and guides that can teach one some basics about horse racing and the betting process.

For beginners, there are some very basic terms and betting rules that can help a great deal when just starting out. It is important that beginners fully understand how the betting works and what they stand to lose or gain.

Most important, a person must know the odds of winning when you place bets on horses. Sometimes a pattern may develop which illustrates the general rate of return on all bets placed. However, sometimes no pattern emerges and it simply the luck of the draw when betting on horses.

* A little knowledge can go a very long way:

Generally speaking, Odds refers to the rate of money or winnings you may receive in return for your original investment or bet. Most people wish to know right of way what the chances are of winning and how much they can stand to win.

Each way is another betting term. Each way refers to a person who makes two separate bets. Therefore, the first bet that you place is basically for your horse to win. The second bet is for the horse to “place”. It is important to understand the difference between betting to win and betting to place. If your horse fails to win the better will receive roughly 1/4 of your original bet. The original better does walk away with at least something in the end.

Tricast is something which can take great skill and observation to predict. Tricast is when one makes a prediction on the top three winning horses. Therefore, the person will place bets on three horses that have a chance of winning a race. The pay outs or winnings can be quite exceptional and very rewarding.

A “Trixie” is actually a type of bet which equal seven bets in total. With this kind of betting you have the ability to double your earnings. You really only need one horse to win the race. A Trixie can be quite profitable if you are willing to take the chance.

Yankee refers to placing a bet on four horses as opposed to only three horses. A Yankee includes a total of 11 bets. In addition, this betting always includes six doubles and a fourfold. In the end, you will need at least two of your chosen horses to win.

Lucky 15 is a bet which can be quite rewarding. The betting requires a total of four horses however, only one horse is needed to win. You are basically adding four single bets to your wager.

Heinz is a bet which involves a total of six horses. The difference with Heinz is that the horses are all running in different races. Out of the six horses you need two of them to win. If two out of the six horses win then you can recover some substantial winnings.

Goliath is a bit more complicated. In most cases only very seasoned betters become involved with Goliath type betting. First, you must bet on eight different horses. Goliath betting involves a total of 248 bets. Betting process includes over 65 fourfolds, 28 doubles, 28 sixfolds and roughly 7 or 8 seven folds.

A Patent enables a better to win some money with just one horse. Single and double betting is also permitted in a patent. Again it involves luck and making accurate predictions or assumptions.

You must have at least two horses that win in order to recover any winnings when using a Goliath betting method. However, if all eight of your chosen horses win, then the better can win up to six figures. Keep in mind, it all depends upon luck and some careful planning.

Gaining an understanding of betting and how it can benefit the person who places the original bet is the primary interest. Betting can be fun and exciting but it is important to use caution especially for beginners. Remember, it is wise not to bet more than you can afford to lose. Losing is never fun but it is reality.